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To Consult or not to Consult - that is the question!

Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Are you a start-up company, a financially strained company, or an overcommitted company? As a leader are you strapped for time, cash, resources, just struggling to find ways to cover business spikes, or in need of short-term expertise that you just don't have in your organization today? Have a sensitive project that you need to get results on without troubling your core team? If the answer is yes to any of these then you should consider hiring a consultant.


There are lots of well documented reasons for hiring a consultant. Lets review a few of my favorites here shall we.


Hiring the right consultant with specific skills can save you money in the long-run when compared to hiring a full-time employee. When your project is over the consultant moves on to their next client. There is virtually no overhead associated with a consultant so you have a leg up on even a contract employee. You get a very focused effort from an expert who has faced your particular problem before so the solutions come much quicker.


Consultants usually bring with them the best practices from across the industry. You get all that process experience (usually with a global flavor as well) for one single rate. Sometimes all it takes for THE perfect solution to a perplexing problem to bubble to surface is an outside agent taking a fresh set of eyes to the issue.


If you want a non political solution to your problem a consultant can attack it with no baggage or fear of career missteps. The unvarnished truth and the most economical solution may come from a consultant who can speak freely because that's what the leadership asked them to do. it's a great way to uncover hidden political agendas as a side benefit.


You can use a consultant to add some seasoned veteran capability for teaching your younger workforce. Sure would be nice not to have to recreate the wheel every time you want to roll down a hill, or come up with a new battle plan every time you take the same old hill. Utilizing a consultant to teach your team to fish makes perfect sense.


So take my advice or the advice of an expert and hire just the experience and expertise you need, only when you need it. Want to grow your business beyond where it is today, increase sales, improve processes, maximize productivity, strategize, etc., etc., etc., then think Consulting!


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