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Daniel B. O'Connell

Managing Director

Mr. O'Connell is currently the Managing Director of Kelson Solutions LLC. They provide fuel-neutral consulting services for alternate fueled vehicle fleets including in depth analysis for all forms of refueling/recharging infrastructure, and strategic product engineering direction for technology readiness/insertion.

Mr. O’Connell was previously the Director responsible for the global deployment of advanced technology vehicle fleet projects at General Motors. He led the deployment of the Chevrolet Electric Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) Fleet. He led the FCEV “Project Driveway” and the Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) “Customer Advisory Board” vehicle fleet programs. He was responsible for all Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V) vehicle platform demo fleets. He had responsibility for the US DoE Tech Val and the German CEP FCEV fleet programs. He was responsible for implementation of the Hydrogen Infrastructure plan for demo fleet deployments and designing/procuring/permitting/installing 12 hydrogen refueling stations as well as the >20 Electric Recharging Stations for the initial Volt Fleet deployment. He had responsibility for 8 vehicle repair/maintenance facilities around the globe. He had previously been responsible for Advanced Product Engineering including Advanced Manufacturing, Operations and Process, and held positions of leadership in: Research, Fuel Processing, Program Management, and System Development activity at the Fuel Cell Activities Center in Honeoye Falls, New York.

He began his career with General Motors in 1977 in the vehicle development group at the Cadillac Motor Car Division. He served the next 11 years in various engineering roles involved in development and calibration of numerous engine/vehicle programs for the Cadillac and Powertrain divisions.

From 1988 to 1996 he worked on International Engine Management Systems for Delphi Automotive Division in Rochester, New York. He worked with fuel system customers and spent extensive time in South America and Europe and was the lead on several “industry firsts” engine programs including the 20% and 100% Ethanol platforms for GM do Brasil.

Since 1996, Daniel has been working on fuel cell technology for General Motors. He has been responsible for leading areas of the development activities in many key programs including Department of Energy Methanol Fuel Cell System, Fuel Cell Transit Bus Application, Distributed Power Applications, and several Auto Show concept vehicles. He was also responsible for the Fuel Cell System utilized in the world’s first gasoline powered fuel cell vehicle demonstrated in 2001 as well as the Distributed Generation activity for Dow Chemical. He was Staff Engineer in charge of Advanced Product Engineering for the latest Fuel Cell Power Module for the Sequel and Equinox programs. 

Mr. O’Connell has earned AS, BS, and MS degrees and is a Doctorial Candidate working on his dissertation. He received the Excellence in Management award as the top graduate student in his class at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. He served on the Nazareth Alumni Board as well as the Management curriculum Advisory Board. He was the key technical contributor for the Weekly Reader fuel cell education program that won the SAE Environmental Excellence in Transportation award. He is a two time recipient of the Chairman’s Honors for the Dow Chemical and Project Driveway fuel cell projects. He has generated multiple patents and research disclosures during his career and has spoken at various Fuel Cell conferences/seminars.

Jason O'Connell

Director of Software Development

Mr. O'Connell is currently the director of software development and an advisor at Kelson Solutions LLC. 

Python, HTML/CSS, C++